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A Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer in Los Angeles

There is a huge stigma against prenuptial agreements. Many people have this belief that if your fiancée wants you to sign a prenuptial agreement it is because they do not love you and that they are anticipating a divorce. Other people also believe that prenuptial agreements only help those who are rich, and if you don’t have any money then there is no need to even bother with a prenuptial agreement in Los Angeles. Just because your future spouse wants you to sign a prenuptial agreement does not mean they do not trust you or that they don’t love you, it is just because they have assets they want to protect in case of a last case scenario of getting a divorce. The beauty of a prenuptial agreement is that if you do not get divorce you will never need to use this document. A prenuptial agreement is just like insurance for your marriage. The harsh reality of marriages, is that about half of them do end in a divorce, so it is not a bad idea to have a consultation with a Los Angeles prenuptial agreement lawyer. Sometimes sitting down with a lawyer too helps both sides see this as not a lack of trust, but as something that can be used to protect both of them in case of a divorce.



Land Legal Group are a family law firm in Los Angeles, California, who does offer free consultations. Their team of lawyers have handled countless prenuptial agreements, which means they know how to word them so they hold up in court. There is no point in having a prenuptial agreement if it is not written properly and if it cannot be held up in a court of law. This Los Angeles law firm has also handled a lot of divorce cases so they know what needs to be in a prenuptial agreement and how it needs to be worded for it to last the test of time. You want this prenuptial agreement to help both parties, so make sure you are both there when you are drafting up this agreement.

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