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Spousal Support Attorney in San Bernardino

When both spouses divorce one of them can ask the other spouse to pay him spousal support in order to support himself in San Bernardino.

In order for the judges to award alimony for a former spouse, they consider several factors, including: – the duration of the couple's common life; – The roles they held during their marriage; – the age of the spouses; – Law Office of Joyce Holcomb is a San Bernardino family law firm.


The financial needs, the financial means and the situation of each spouse – the amount provided for child support; – The type of work of the spouses; – The income of each spouse … etc. There are several forms of alimony for ex-spouse including periodic payments, a single payment, payment for a specified period, payment for an indeterminate period. The family law firm Law Office of Joyce Holcomb for spousal support in San Bernardino also offers you other legal services:



Disputed divorce Divorce Jointly Amicable Child support Babysitting Divorce online Do not hesitate to contact them for all your legal questions concerning spousal support or legal problems, they will be pleased to assist you. Hire a San Bernardino spousal support attorney from Law Office of Joyce Holcomb .

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