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Why A Criminal Attorney Is Essential During A Trial

The news is riddled with salacious stories about the criminal activities across the nation. It can seem like these events are taking place in another world, very far from your own. But when you find yourself being charged with a criminal act, the situation hits much closer to home, literally. There is a great amount of detail and skill involved in successfully telling your side of the story to the judge and the jury. Though some defendants choose to represent themselves at trial, this is never recommended!

Your Criminal attorney should provide the court with a biased version of your story, meaning they should present you in a good light, emphasize the events that will lessen the chances of you being found guilty, and make the jury see you as someone who is innocent.

The types of crimes that can be especially challenging are those that involve molestation or lewd acts with a minor child. Even if the allegations are false, you can be ostracized in front of the jury by the prosecution and their witnesses. The victim, many times, will testify on the stand which can bring a myriad of emotions to the jury to sway them in the prosecution’s direction. However, a good criminal attorney will know exactly how to handle these challenges effectively and competently.

Inconsistencies in the prosecution’s witnesses can be the best wedge that your attorney can drive into the prosecution’s arguments. Finding inconsistencies in police reports, officer’s accounts of the details of the events as well as those of any eyewitnesses is just about the most powerful tool they can use. This tool can chip away at the very foundation the prosecution is presenting and can bring reasonable doubt as to your guilt. Many times, using this tactic alone can result in your criminal attorney winning your case for you. But it takes skill, experience, and lots of trial and error before a lawyer perfects their craft.

That’s why it’s essential to choose your legal representation carefully. Don’t choose someone based on price. The lowest price is not necessarily the best defense that your money can buy. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can still retain an excellent lawyer to defend you. The best lawyers like those from Mark C. Cogan, P.C, a criminal defense law firm in Salem, can help you win your case since they have successfully handled similar cases before.

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