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Sex Crimes Attorney Near Washington D.C.

        As sex crimes continue to make the news and become a part of our everyday lives, sex crimes attorneys are becoming more and more prominent. When we think of sex crimes, we usually think about rape (forced sex), molestation (unwanted touching) or child pornography (sex acts with children). However, there are Washington D.C. sex crimes attorneys that can help protect your rights.


Sex crimes are taken very seriously in the United States. If you have been accused of sex crimes or are being investigated, then it's time to call Lotze Mosley LLP a criminal defense law firm in Washington D.C. that can help protect your rights.


Here are just some sex offenses for which sex crimes lawyers know how to defend: Prostitution, indecent exposure, child pornography, and statutory rape. You will want to contact a Washington D.C. criminal attorney if you have been accused or arrested for such a crime immediately.


Washington D.C sex crimes attorneys can help you avoid sex crime charges and protect your rights, call Lotze Mosley LLP today for sex crimes defense legal services or complete our online contact form to set up a free consultation.


Working with sex crimes lawyers in Washington D.C., is your only hope at any kind of protection of your rights.  Sex crimes are taken very seriously by the court system and sex crimes lawyers must be capable of protecting your rights aggressively. You will want a sex-crimes defense attorney that knows how to protect you from sex crime charges. Washington D.C sex crimes lawyers know what sex offenses typically carry harsh penalties whatever state they occur in.

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