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Hire a Stockton Brain Injury Lawyer

A brain injury would be considered a personal injury depending on the context of the injury. If you suffered from trauma to the brain which caused a brain injury you might have a personal injury, brain injury case. If the trauma was caused due to a fall, such as a slip and fall type scenario, unintentional blunt force trauma, an assault, or a motor vehicle accident. Each one of those cases would be a personal injury, and you should get in contact with a Stockton brain injury lawyer. You may not notice your symptoms immediately after the injury, but once you start to notice them be sure to contact a lawyer.


Redkey Gordon Law Corp are a Stockton personal injury law firm who can help. The have over thirty-five years of combined experience working in personal injury law. This is the law that means so much to this law firm and they are passionate about helping their clients. A Stockton lawyer can help you if the brain injury was caused by another person’s negligence. It would be then that you should call Redkey Gordon Law Corp personal injury firm in Stockton.

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