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Encino Real Estate Lawyers

Are you looking for an Encino real estate litigation lawyer?  Legal counselor? Real estate litiagtion lawyer? You could not get a better shot!  Call a law firm in Encino focused on specialization in the subject of construction projects and real estate transactions. Their team, apart from attorneys and legal advisors specializing in real estate law and construction investments, is complemented by industry consultants (architects, construction engineers, surveyors) who provide advice and help with their affairs.


Thanks to the knowledge orientation and rich experience, they can provide their clients with the best legal solutions in the area of ??their specialization. They follow information from the real estate market and the construction sector on an ongoing basis . They are up to date with changes in law and change projects, the courts' approach to construction topics and the jurisprudence line shaped by judicature, they know the controversy growing as a result of the use of official practices by state and local government bodies. Thanks to extensive knowledge in the field of construction law and real estate law, lawyers from the Law Offices of Steven J. Horn in Encino are able to propose the best and the most effective legal solutions for their clients.

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