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Child Support Lawyer in Salt Lake City

Child support is something that can be modified overtime based on things that change with the parents financial situations, but also because of the children’s needs. Any Salt Lake City child support lawyer will be able to tell you that child support is calculated based on how many children there are, the income of both parents, and which parent has the child more often due to the child custody agreement. Smoak Law, P.C. family law firm in Salt Lake City can also tell you that child support can be modified if the child’s needs change. If the child’s cost of school increases, if they take on more extra-curricular activities, if the child needs medical care or gets injured, or if the child now needs child care. All of those could be reasons as to why child support can be modified. It is always a good idea to speak to the other parent if the children need more financial support, if you are on good terms. But it is also a good idea to get the child support modification in writing.


When you are thinking of getting child support or child support modification, you should think about setting up a consultation with Smoak Law, P.C., a family law firm based in Salt Lake City. This law firm is there to help you with any of your family law needs, including child support. They understand that the cost of living in Salt Lake City is rising, and therefore making it harder to raise a child on one income. But you didn’t have this child alone, and therefore it is not your sole responsibility to care for this child. Both parents are fully responsible for the financial wellbeing of this child until they reach adulthood.

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