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A Dog Bite Attorney in Houston

Dog bite cases can have a lot of emotional baggage attached to them. The reason for this is a vast majority of Houston dog bite cases happen by a dog of their friend or relative. Now there are cases where the person does not know the dog, but more often than not the person knows the dog, and they know the owner fairly well. The emotional part of this, is you don’t want to ruin the relationship you have with the dog owner, but you were injured by their dog and now you just want them to pay for the medical bills you have from the dog bite. In some instances the owner of the dog feels awful and offers to pay all your bills right off the bat, and then there is no need for any legal action to be taken. The time you would need to contact a Houston dog bite attorney is when the dog’s owner does not offer to help pay for the expenses, or you ask them to help and they refuse. The dog is the owner’s full responsibility, and if the dog causes any damage the owner is the one liable.


A dog bite lawyer will do their best to handle this case well and as civil as possible. They understand that you are worried about your relationship and therefore handle these cases with care. Charles J. Argento & Associates are a Houston personal injury law firm, who know that when a dog bite happens on the person’s property you can also consider this a premises liability. They will help through the entire process, and will ensure that you get the financial compensation that you deserve. Dog bites can get infected and can cause more issues, so it is important that you do get the medical care that you need.

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