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Truck Accident Attorney in Waco

Truck accidents, particularly those involving lorries in trucks, often lead to catastrophic injuries – serious injury or death to those involved. Since injuries are so severe, it is important to find a lawyer for truck accidents in Waco who represents your interests in investigations and legal proceedings around the accident. A truck accident involving a smaller vehicle and truck , such as a motorcycle or car, maybe even more serious due to the different masses of the two vehicles. Trucks may further have accidents with other trucks, but because they are very similar in size, the driver is more likely to sustain serious injuries. Norton Schwab a truck accident firm in Waco, is very familiar with such accidents.


It's never a pretty sight when a truck hits a smaller vehicle. In some cases, drivers are in debt of smaller vehicles. Motorists often jump into lanes with signs or trucks, not knowing how close they are to the truck. However, an accident involving a truck is not always the fault of the driver. It can sometimes be hard to figure out who is to blame, and this is where an experienced lawyer in Waco comes into play in a truck accident. A truck accident attorney has the primary responsibility, immediately after the accident, to advise and assist the victims of truck accidents. The Waco Truck Accident Lawyer will help clients receive compensation and hold the persons responsible for the accident accountable. The transport industry is heavily regulated and the freight forwarder must compensate if the accident occurred for reasons such as excessive or unbalanced loads, too fast driving, poor fatigue maintenance and also due to careless driving or fatigue..

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