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Torrance Spousal Support Lawyer

If you were married for a long time, and it was your job to tend to the house, and your job to raise the kids odds are you weren’t working. If you were working it wasn’t much because you had so many at home responsibilities. Then your worst case scenario happens and you and your spouse do not stay together, and you have to get a divorce. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro family law firm in Torrance understands this can be devastating in many ways. First off your relationship is over and this is all you’ve known, and secondly you are not sure how you are going to care for yourself, you haven’t worked in years and relied heavily on your spouse to take care of all the bills. This is why there is alimony. Torrance spousal support lawyers will help you get through this trying time, and get you the financial compensation that you need from your spouse to get on your feet.


Spousal support is not something that you are guaranteed or entitled to. Torrance judges only grant alimony to a spouse if it is necessary and that they need this financial assistance to survive. It is important that one spouse doesn’t fail just because they got a divorce. Alimony is used to help the one spouse who made significantly less money during the marriage keep the lifestyle they lived during the marriage. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro a Torrance family law firm knows that there are numerous factors that go into spousal support cases and they do not all have the same outcome. It is important to understand what the possible outcomes are, and what information you have to provide in order to get there.

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