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spinal cord injury

If you figured in an accident due to someone else’s negligent behavior and suffered a spinal cord injury, it is but proper to seek remuneration from the person or entity that caused your injury. Spinal cord injuries are considered in the medical field as very risky and can cause you to lose some or all movements of your body. Since this type of injury requires special medical care, including intensive rehabilitation, expenses could skyrocket that you might not be able to afford it. While you may have some insurance coverage, this type of injury would usually entail the use of expensive technology which your insurance policy may not cover. This is why you need a spinal cord injury lawyer to help you seek compensation from the person or entity who caused you to sustain this serious injury. So how would these spinal cord injury lawyers help you?

For starters, your lawyers could prepare the necessary documents to file in court. Based on the doctor’s report, they can determine the extent of your claim for damages to realistic proportions. Your claim for damages can take into account your emotional distress and how much you have suffered since the accident. You can also take into account the wages that you failed to earn as a result of your actual confinement and rehabilitation. In fact, lost past wages is a significant component of the claim simply because your injuries prevented you from reporting to work.

The biggest part of your claim, as your lawyers would definitely make it, will be your perceived inability to add more income streams because of the injury you sustained. Referred to as lost future wages in legal parlance, this simply means that there might have been some opportunities for you in the future, however, you will not be able to handle these anymore because of your spinal cord injury. While it can be said that you could always do some extra work, this might aggravate the injury you already suffered and so it would be better if you just stay within the perimeter set by your doctor. This is why a lot of spinal cord injury attorneys focus on this particular portion of the claim because it apparently is the most important.

If your injury is such that you will be unable to care for yourself anymore, then your future care costs will be factored in by your lawyers in your damage claim. Severe spinal cord injury victims are usually unable to move any part of their bodies except their mouth eyes or head. In such case, they would need the services of nurses on a twenty four-hour cycle so that they would be properly cared for. In some cases, the services of special therapists may also be needed. If your injury is so severe that it would need special care, then your spinal cord injury lawyers can always make it one of their focal arguments. Feel free to consult Benson, Bertoldo, Baker & Carter, a personal injury firm in Las Vegas, their lawyers will make the process easier for you so as to avoid causing you more anguish and sorrow.



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