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Looking for a Washington D.C. Criminal Law Attorney

How do you know if you need to contact a criminal lawyer in Washington D.C.? Maybe you have been arrested, or maybe you think you might be under investigation. Perhaps someone has told you that you are the target of a criminal investigation. You might have received a target letter from the government notifying you that you are the focus of a grand jury investigation. You might have even been convicted of a crime and are now facing sentencing. Whatever the situation, if you have questions about your rights, or are concerned about the possibility of going to jail, you should contact a criminal lawyer to discuss your case.


What can a Washington D.C. criminal lawyer do for you? First, a criminal lawyer can tell you what the government must prove in order to convict you of a crime. Second, a criminal lawyer can explain the defenses that might be available to you. Third, a criminal lawyer can negotiate with the government on your behalf. Fourth, a criminal lawyer can represent you at trial.


What should you expect when you meet with a criminal lawyer? The first thing you should do is ask the lawyer for his or her opinion about your case. You should also ask the lawyer how much experience he or she has handling cases like yours. Be sure to ask the lawyer what the likely outcome of your case would be if you went to trial. You can be confident in your case if you call Lotze Mosley, LLP a Washington D.C. criminal law firm to handle your case.

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