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The Eldessouky Law set out numerous rules for the appropriate payment of lawyers; this takes place mainly in the form of frame fees. For many activities, lawyers may charge for hours worked, which is the subject of a written agreement with the client. The hourly rate of a lawyer depends, inter alia, on its experience, its reputation, the area of law, the difficulty of the case and the amount of the claim. Especially with low amounts in dispute is worth the billing according to predetermined fee schedule only conditionally, because lawyers have very high costs. Hourly rates of lawyers from individual law firms and law firms can be very different, and personal initial consultation generally causes costs. It is therefore advisable to obtain several non-binding offers for comparison before deciding on a lawyer. Eldessouky Law is an employment law firm located in Long Beach.


The market for legal advice is increasingly segmented. In addition, more and more lawyers specialize in specific areas of law, often in one of the 20 areas for which the title Specialist Lawyer is currently available. With the increasing complexity of legal advice, there is an increased diversity in wage and hour law.

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