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Although a legal advisor is a well-known profession, in US there is exceptionally low awareness of the scope of work in this profession. Often mistakenly regarded as a legal adviser, not involved in direct matters. Currently, the rights of personal injury attorneys and lawyers are almost no different and the counselor can represent us in matters of property, family and insurance. What does the legal advisor do? Legal advisor and advocate – what does the legal advisor do? A solicitor is a relatively young profession. It was established in the sixties and initially served legal services to state-owned enterprises in a limited scope. Importantly, the legal counsel at that time was able to do his job only by being employed by the company, so it was not a free profession. Over the years, the powers and nature of the work of counselors have become more and more approaching the profession of advocate. The scope of matters that can be dealt with by a legal advisor is constantly expanded.


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