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Child Support Attorney in Palm Harbor

A Palm Harbor claim for maintenance If you want to obtain alimony, you must submit a claim to court according to the place of residence of the person entitled or the person liable for payment (the choice belongs to the plaintiff). It should be emphasized that maintenance is claimed in procedural proceedings, which means that such matters cannot be combined with non-contentious proceedings initiated at the request eg to determine the child's place of residence, to limit or withdraw parental authority, or to contact with minors.  You should contact a Palm Harbor child support attorney. The claim for maintenance should indicate the number of benefits requested, evidence of child expenses incurred and documenting the assets and economic situation of the parent with whom the minor resides. Be sure you have the best Palm Harbor famliy law firm The Law Firm for Family Law on your side.


If possible, the financial situation of the parent obliged to pay alimony should also be proved. The amount of child support depends on the child's justified needs and on the other hand on the financial capacity of the parent who is obliged to pay them. The Law Firm for Family Law is a family law firm in Palm Harbor. Of course, if a parent has large earning opportunities, the child is entitled to live on the same level and can demand relatively higher benefits, in isolation from basic everyday needs.

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