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A Sports Litigation Attorney Near Sacramento

Pearlman, Brown & Wax, LLP are a law firm that handle sports litigation claims. They defend those who have these claims made against them, such as team owners, managers, and insurance companies. They also work with the NCAA to investigate claims of misconduct and ensure fair play. They have some of the best Sacramento sports litigation lawyers.


If you have been accused of any wrongdoing in the world of sports, it is crucial that you have an experienced Sacramento sports litigation defense lawyer on your side. The attorneys at Pearlman, Brown & Wax, LLP a workers' compensation defense law firm in Sacramento have extensive experience defending clients against all types of sports-related claims, including those involving:


* Doping and performance-enhancing drugs

* Match fixing

* Sexual assault and harassment

* Abuse of authority

* Discrimination


No matter what type of claim you are facing, the attorneys at the Sacramento workers' compensation defense law firm Pearlman, Brown & Wax, LLP will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the best possible outcome in your case. Contact them today to schedule a consultation.


What is sports litigation?


Sports litigation is a type of legal proceeding that arises from disputes related to the playing or coaching of sport. These disputes can involve individuals, teams, leagues, governing bodies, and others involved in the world of sports. In Sacramento you can need legal assistance in such cases. Be sure to hire a lawyer to get the best outcome of your case.

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