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A Great San Bernardino Child Support Lawyer

Having a child is a huge responsibility. You have to ensure that your child is taken care of in every aspect. If you and the other parent of the child are no longer together, it is still both of your responsibility to make sure that child is taken care of. Financial responsibility is a huge part of raising a child. Now either parent in San Bernardino can be ordered to pay child support. It is not always the man. A lot goes into how much child support is needed and which parent is ordered to pay it. Law Office of Joyce Holcomb are a family law firm in San Bernardino who want to make sure that your child is financially taken care of. That is the entire purpose of child support, to ensure that your child has what they need.


The courts will review both of your incomes as well as where the child spends the most time, and who the child lives with. When determining child support, it is important to listen to your San Bernardino child support lawyer. They will be your best asset in this case. They have handled numerous child support cases in their day, and know what the courts tend to look for. Looking at all the factors are important, and it’s important to tell your later everything. Knowing what possible outcomes is important. This then allows you to get a better understanding of how the law works, and how your future can play out.

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